Meet The Youngest Yoga Instructor in America!

Playing America’s Youngest Yoga Instructor?

Yoga can help almost anyone improve their flexibility, strength, and relaxation and Tabay, America's youngest certified yoga instructor, proves that it does not matter how old you are to feel its power.

Tabay is only 11 years old and he is one of the most popular instructors at his studio. His students love how vibrant and full of life he is and how he accommodates every type of student from young to old.

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The yoga wonder joins The Doctors and explains that his mother's battle with cancer helped inspire him to become a yoga instructor. "She couldn't walk. She was sad, scared, and stressed, so when she was doing yoga, it helped her walk again and she was healing faster. So then, I knew that I wanted to do yoga, so I could help heal people just like yoga healed my mom," he says.

And if Tabay wasn't amazing enough already, he tells The Doctors that 100 percent of the money he collects from doing yoga instruction is donated to helping kids who are battling cancer.

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His mother Sahel, who is so proud of what her son is doing, says, "He just has this love and passion for everyone... it just comes from his heart, it's beautiful."

Watch the video above to see the 11-year-old yoga instructor show ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk some very impressive yoga moves!

The Doctors applaud Tabay's amazing work and all the wonderful health benefits that yoga can offer!