Woman Lives Life as a Mermaid!

Playing My Life as a Mermaid

For Tessie, she feels more at home in the water than on the land, that's because she is living her life as a mermaid!

"I have a lot of body insecurities...  but when I am in my tail I don't feel insecure anymore because suddenly it doesn't matter what size I am because I'm a mermaid and that's what people really focus on. When I take my tail off, it almost feels like a piece of me has come off," Tessie says, adding, "Putting on a tail is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world. When I put it on, it's like nothing else matters."

Tessie is a member of the growing worldwide merfolk community, which celebrates their desire to be the half human, half fish and joins The Doctors -- in her fish tail!

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She has grown so accustomed to the mermaid life that she now feels a little lost without her lower fish half. "I feel useless without my fin. At this point, I'm actually more comfortable in my fin than without it," she says.

Tessie is also using her mermaid life to help educate others about the importance of keeping our oceans and bodies of waters clean. She explains that she is able to personalize the issue of being environmentally conscious, which helps people to better understand the impact that water pollution can have. 

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But the mermaid life is far from cheap! Tessie tells The Doctors that her tail cost upwards of $2500.

The Doctors applaud the health benefits of swimming, along with people finding a community where they feel at home and supported.