Woman's Home Walls Literally Dripping with Honey!

Playing Help! My House Is a Beehive!

An insect or two in the house from time to time is no big deal, but for Latanja, her home was swarmed with so many bees that her walls were literally dripping with honey!

She joins The Doctors to share more about this not-so-buzzworthy dilemma she’s dealing with. She first discovered the problem when she was getting her roof replaced. She hired a bee removal crew, who removed nearly 20 pounds of honey from the walls.

Despite the removal, honey has begun seeping out of the walls of her home and continues to flow.

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“It was like a constant drip!” she tells The Doctors, explaining that it’s not just honey that has been a problem. "There are bees flying, through my house – literally!"

Now she’s concerned about what this all means, will ants be next? Will it damage her home? Will her family get stungThe Doctors bring in professional exterminator Nick Isaac to weigh in on her extreme bee issue.

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Nick explains this can actually be a common problem and believes the bees have been in her attic for possibly years. He says bees will grow to the size of the space they infest and her attic has become like a giant beehive.

When dealing with bees, Nick encourages a safe removal process as they are an important part of how our environment and ecosystem operate. He recommends that Latanja seek the help of a licensed exterminator to help with the problem and that she close up any openings that lead to her attic. He also warns that this problem could return as bees leave a pheromone to attract other bees.

In order to prevent the infestation from occurring in the first place, Nick says to make sure all access points that lead inside the house are sealed and secure. He says a pest control company can use a monthly or quarterly preventive treatment to stop the insects from returning. We help Latanja hopefully rid her home of the bees once and for all and set her up with a professional bee removal service courtesy of Barry Nguyen.