Graphic: Basketball Star's Eye Pops Out on Court

Playing Basketball Player Pops Eye out on the Court!

The following material contains graphic subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

During a basketball game in New Zealand, one player jumped up for a rebound and came down missing something pretty important after being poked in the face. Akil Mitchell's eye popped out of its socket! Check out the graphic video above. 

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The game was stopped for 15 minutes while he was treated by medical officials. Akil shares that he could still see from the eye after it had popped out of his socket - the sensation was akin to "a chameleon, how they can see in different directions." 

Miraculously, on the way to the hospital the eyeball moved back into the socket in the ambulance and Akil had no vision impairment from the incident. He just had to use eye drops for awhile.

ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork, breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon confess that they have never seen anything like that in real life. Dr. Funk shares, "It's called globe luxation and it can dangle on your cheek."

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Akil had the optimum outcome - a lot could have gone wrong. Dr. Travis shares, "I'm almost surprised that he doesn't have some visual impairment with the extent to which that popped out - the pulling on the optic eye, the vessels..." The Doctors warn that if you eyeball becomes dislodged, don't try and put it back - head straight to the ER!