Full Body Makeover
Tina, 53, underwent gastric-bypass surgery and lost 179 pounds! To complete her head-to-toe transformation, plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Hurwitz performed a total body lift and a face lift. Tina also underwent a full cosmetic dentistry makeover, performed by Dr. S. Rand Werrin. Tina is also receiving life coaching with Neil Griebling.

Tina's total body lift!

Facial Transformations
Debra, 46, wanted a new, youthful look and underwent the ultimate facial makeover by plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti. Dr. Petti injected filler on Debra's frown lines and crow's feet, performed SmartLipo on her neck, added Sculptra to her forehead and cheeks for volume and Juvederm into the lips and performed a rhinoplasty.

see Debra's dental makeover up close.

Debra's youthful face!

Louise, 47, also desired a new look, so plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken performed a face lift, an eye lift, a chin implant, a wrinkle filler and a Neck-Lace procedure. She also had a tummy tuck for a tighter abdomen! To visit Dr. Moelleken's Web site, click here (Please note that this site may contain graphic medical images. Discretion is advised.).

She also had a dental makeover.
See it up close.

Louise's big change!

Watch as Dr. Ordon explains how a face lift transforms a face, and then go inside the operating rooms for Debra and Louise's procedures.

Incredible Weight-Loss Makeover
AfterKim, 39, got married, she progressively gained weight, peaking at nearly 300 pounds.  "It was like I just zipped up a fat suit for 10-plus years, and just wore that," she says.

Through diet and exercise, Kim lost 125 pounds, but was left with excessive saggy skin around her midsection. "It's kind of like finding that deflated balloon behind your couch," she says. "That's what it looks like."

To help Kim lose the extra skin, Dr. Lance Wyatt, director of the Wyatt Center for Plastic Surgery and the Institut d'Esthetique, performed a full tummy tuck, breast lift and implants, and the results are stunning!

"We performed a specialized type of tummy tuck procedure for her," Dr. Wyatt says. "When I do this, I try to keep the incision very low, because we want Kim in a bikini afterwards."

Kim before and after her tummy tuck!