Does "Hot Mugshot Guy's" Fashion Week Debut Send a Bad Message?

Playing “Hot Mugshot Guy” Walks in New York Fashion Week!

Jeremy Meeks, also known in the press as “Hot Mugshot Guy,” made his New York Fashion Week debut this week, but is his inclusion in the fashion fest sending the wrong message about crime and violence? The Doctors weigh in!

In 2015, Jeremy was sent to prison for gun possession for 2 years, but he signed a modeling contract before he served time. This week, he strutted the runway in the at the Philipp Plein show, where stars like Madonna and Kylie Jenner were watching from the front row.

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So what do The Doctors think of the inclusion of a convict in the runway show?

"When we glorify high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes over just decent behavior, I'm not even asking for saintly ethics, he's a convicted felon from armed robbery grand theft auto, he did jail time before. So I hope this is a second chance, third chance. I'm all for countless chances in life," surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk says.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork counters with, "If he is taking this newfound fame and he's using it to better his life and his family's life... literally, that is what America is all about... we hope that he has reformed his ways."

Where do you stand on “Hot Mugshot Guy"?