Woman Saves Neighbor's Life with Organ Transplant through Help of App

Playing Woman Saves Neighbor’s Life!

Linda received the ultimate neighborly gift from Teri, the gift of life. Teri joins The Doctors to share the story of how a neighborhood app helped bring them together and save Linda’s life.

Linda was struggling with an auto-immune disease for years and feared she only had days left to live. After learning about Linda’s health problems via the Nextdoor app, Teri, a neighbor, donated a portion of her liver to Linda and the community rallied together through the app to help support these brave women during their recovery. With the use of the app, other neighbors organized cleaning, visits to check in on the women and meals to help during their time of need. The app recognized Teri with their 2016 Good Neighbor Award for her generous and life-saving gift.

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The Doctors explain that in Linda’s case she needed a portion of a liver from someone alive. They note how amazing the liver is, pointing out that it can grow on its own to an almost full-sized liver in Linda and that Teri’s liver will regenerate.

Teri says her recovery “wasn’t that bad.” She shares that she felt tired for the first two months after surgery, but she was back at work 4 months later. The life-changing experience inspired Teri to go back to school to become a nurse.

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The Doctors remind us that an estimated 22 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. We commend Teri and Linda and their community for coming together to save a life!