Woman's Weight Loss Makeover Is Completed with Breast Lift

Playing Weight Loss Makeover Complete!

Jill worked hard to transform her body and lose weight, but she was still not entirely happy with how she looked. She returns to The Doctors to complete her journey.

“I feel like the top half of my body is hanging lower than I would like it to. It’s not just about how you look in your clothes, it’s also about how you feel when you’re naked and I want to fix it,” she says.

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We sent her to see plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher, who recommended that she get breast implants.

Jill and Dr. Fisher join The Doctors 2 months after her surgery, where she shares, “Oh my God, I feel great! I’m feeling confident. I’m feeling better.”

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Dr. Fisher warns that scars are a definite possibility with this type of surgery, but that he goes out of his way to minimize the size and length of the scars. “Clear communication is important,” he says of what the doctor and the patient need to achieve before undergoing any type of surgery. “What makes a patient happy is executing the surgery right and telling them the truth,” he continues.

Jill, who is a sex therapist, tells The Doctors, that her newfound confidence will help her in both her personal and professional life.