Is a Kylie Jenner Voice More Attractive Than Your Own?

Playing Should You Change Your Voice to Be More Attractive?

Is changing your voice to sound more like Kylie Jenner the secret to landing a man? One YouTube speech specialist sure thinks so. The Doctors weigh in!

According to Jade Joddle, who has racked up over 33 million view on YouTube, one has to drop the resonance of your voice and really drag the words out if they want to amp up their sex appeal. She also says that opening your eyes wider when speaking can help to achieve “the sexy seductress” persona.

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As for ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, Jade’s technique had zero effect on them.

“There is nothing less sexy than trying to hard… I say own your voice,” Dr. Stork contends. Dr. Ordon says, “I think we can all agree, low, raspy and breathy is kind of sexy for both men and women… Kylie Jenner talks more like a Valley chick,” explaining he prefers a voice more like Lauren Bacall.

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The Doctors question Jade’s credentials when it comes to her advice – and her $125 per hour speaking skills session fee – but her online fame (sexily) speaks for itself. Check out more speaking tips from Jade here!