Traveling with Kids – Are Goody Bags for Fellow Passengers Actually a Bad Idea?

Some parents traveling with young kids have hopped on the trend of passing out goody bags to their fellow airline passengers as a way to preemptively apologize for any chaos, but one parent thinks this trend is a bad idea.

Cassie, who is a mom to twins, joins The Doctors to speak about her viral article on the goody bag dilemma.

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“It’s essentially apologizing in advance for something that hasn’t happened, which is your child freaking out, and plenty of times kids are perfectly well-behaved on flights. So, when you have to think about, ‘Oh I have to bring candy and earplugs for strangers and then hopefully they’ll be nice to me. It makes you feel this sort of shame about being a parent, which is ridiculous,” she says.

Cassie adds, “Kids are people. They should be able to travel the same as anyone else… plenty of adults on planes are annoying and they don’t give us candy if they have done something wrong… I just feel like it’s a level of pressure that we don’t need. Parenting is hard enough by itself.”

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Some people online did not agree with Cassie’s take. She tells The Doctors that some complained that they felt they should be rewarded for having to hear a crying baby on a plane. She explains that since the trend became something popular to share on social media a few years ago, she thought the fad would die down eventually, but since it seems to still resonate, she felt the need to speak out against it. “I have enough to worry about going to the airport, I don’t need to bring candy for strangers,” she adds.

Where do you stand on the goody bag for passengers trend?

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