Is a Marijuana Massage Your Key to True Relaxation?

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Playing Marijuana Massages?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors examine the latest trend in relaxationmarijuana massages!

Jane Kim from Knots Away Massage Crew, who offers the cannabis massage to her clients, joins the show to give Stephanie and Ana this unique treatment.

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“The basic misconception is that you get high and then you get a massage, but unfortunately you don’t get high at all,” Jane explains. “The CBD and THC are inside of the oil that we use on our clients and the cannabinoid receptors in the skin bind with the THC, so you’re more relaxed and it more therapeutic than a regular massage.”

Jane notes that you have to have a medical marijuana card in order to get the massage. She goes on to explain that this type of massage differs from others because our skin receptors bind with the THC in the marijuana oil used, and in other massages, the oils do not.

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Find out what Stephanie and Ana thought about the marijuana massage compared to a regular massage in the video below!