The Doc Tank – The Latest Health Products and Gadgets

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The Doctors review the latest health products and gadgets to find out if they are worth your money.

Facial Fitness Pao: If you are looking for strong facial muscles, the latest gadget out of Japan claims it will tighten your face and diminish wrinkles. The Doctors warn that the rocking motion required by the device is a little rough on your jaw and they question how effective it really is. The Facial Fitness Pao costs $120.

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CareFull Catch: This device is meant to make giving a specimen at the doctor’s office a lot less messy. The Doctors like the disposable device’s handle that will help extend your reach, which they think will cut down on spillage and dripping. CareFull Catch costs $10 to $20.

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Shower Beer: If you have ever wanted a reason to enjoy a beer in the shower, you are in luck! In addition to being something you drink, the company also says the beer can be used as a conditioner! Shower Beer’s first batch sold out and is not currently available.