Banana Roll Procedure

Victoria, 47, is unhappy with the rolls of fat that lie just below each buttock crease and shaped like a banana.

“I exercise three times a week on the elliptical. I have a great diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, and it still doesn’t go away” she says. “I could lose 10 pounds and still wear the same size jeans or pants. I’m very self-conscious about it.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn performs the Banana Roll procedure, a localized liposuction that utilizes a small canula to target specific fat deposits. He explains that fat deposits are genetically determined and certain areas, such as saddle bags, muffin tops and banana rolls, are notoriously difficult to eliminate.

“The best way to get rid of [them] is liposuction,” Dr. Youn says.

Dr. Youn and Victoria join The Doctors one month after her Banana Roll procedure to show off the results

“I feel great,” Victoria says. “And the recovery was easy!”