Nose Surgery Changes Woman's Life – See the Astounding Transformation!

Pamela’s rare skin disorder was affecting her nose and ruining her life. She came to The Doctors earlier this season seeking help and she’s back with her amazing transformation!

Pamela’s problems started as a result of severe acne from her teen years. After the birth of her second child, her nose dramatically changed shape, swelled and became disfigured. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra determined she was suffering from an advanced form of rosacea called Rhinophyma. Dermatologist Dr. Ann Zedlitz offered her skilled expertise and talents to help transform her nose.

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“I barely recognize you,” a floored ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says as Pamela debuts her new look on The Doctors’ stage. Pamela explains that she truly feels like a new person following the surgery.

“I am excited about the new me,” she shares. “I no longer hide behind my hair. It’s truly a new beginning… it was a prayer about 4 years ago, and you guys made it happen. I’m so grateful.”

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Dr. Zedlitz explains that her transformation consisted of 3 stages. First, she underwent a CO2 laser treatment to de-bulk and tightened the skin using Ulthera, a micro-focused ultrasound that delivers heat deep under the skin. These steps were repeated a month later. The third stage involved Pan-Facial Volumization, which uses fillers to add volume to the face. Three weeks later, Pamela began a series of medications to dry up her oil glands and minimize her pores. The transformation took place in only 3 months.

The Doctors couldn’t be more pleased with how great Pamela feels and looks!

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