Are Celebrities Sending a Troubling Message about Pregnancy?

Playing Beyoncé Pregnant with Twins!

With news that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are expecting twins, The Doctors examine the message stars are sending when it comes to pregnancy and the IVF process.

The singer’s second pregnancy announcement after reportedly trying for years to conceive again has some speculating if Queen Bey underwent IFV due to her being pregnant with twins. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork feels it’s the couple’s choice how much or how little they want to share regarding their pregnancy journey and we should respect their choice on what to disclose.

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Surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk notes that twins occur 1 in 6 times when someone used IVF and 1 in 80 without IVF. She explains the rate of twin births is on the rise, saying by the age of 35, the number of eggs being produced drops by half. With many women waiting to get pregnant later in life, this leads to more instances of IFV and more twins.

“Planning is key,” Dr. Funk says of pregnancy and IFV, noting that at 35 there’s a 52 percent chance of getting pregnant without assistance. By the age of 40, the rate drops to 36 percent and by 45 there is just a 5 percent chance of naturally conceiving.

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As for a celebrity’s influence on the public, Dr. Funk believes, “If you’re planning your own future fertility based around what celebrities do, that’s another concern!”

With more choices and options than ever before regarding family planning, The Doctors encourage those wanting to get pregnant to start the conversation with your doctor early. They also note that most types of insurance do not cover IVF and it can costs upwards of $15,000.