"The Lose Your Belly Diet" Success Stories

Playing “Lose Your Belly Diet” Success Story: Steven

Dr. Travis Stork’s book, “The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life,” continues to change lives and waistlines!

The Doctors welcome Steven and Ariste, who have been on the diet for the last few months to share their experiences.

Steven tells Dr. Stork, “Thank you, you’re saving my life.” He explains that he suffered from issues related to heart disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. “Every day I was at risk for dying and I started on this diet and it’s changing my life,” he continues, saying he’s his waistline has dropped from 40 to 34 inches in just 6 weeks. He tells The Doctors that he found a great deal of support and encouragement from people via social media and that made starting and sticking to the diet much easier. One of his favorite aspects of the diet is that all of his cravings are met through the substation of one food for a healthier option and that he’s never feels deprived.

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Ariste shares that she has lost 12 pounds since starting Dr. Stork’s diet and she is now wearing a size 4-6 dress after starting at a size 10. An added benefit for her has been the gift of better sleep. She shares that before starting she had trouble getting a full night’s sleep, but now she sleeps soundly. 

Dr. Stork explains that visceral belly fat can contribute to health issues like metabolic diseases, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol – but losing belly fat can help to possibly minimize these health problems. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that liposuction cannot remove this type of fat and it requires maintaining the right diet and exercising to rid it from your body.

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