Unmarried Principal Fired for Being Pregnant?

Playing Demoted for Being Pregnant?!

A woman moved to California with her boyfriend and they both ended up becoming principals in the same school district. After an unexpected pregnancy, the woman claims her career as an elementary principal took a turn for the worse.

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She began receiving negative reviews, eventually was demoted, and finally laid off. She alleges it was because she got pregnant out of wedlock. According to court documents the complaint alleges that following her announcement of her pregnancy the superintendent of the school made statements like, "I would have liked to have known about the pregnancy sooner," "I have to think about what we are going to tell your teachers and parents. This isn't going to go over well," and "I need a drink." 

The school district where she worked denies these allegations. ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork says, "I think it's important to highlight the rights someone has as an employee when you become pregnant because a lot of people don't realize - you have protections in place so that if you are mistreated, you have recourse." 

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Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk shares her own experience from running her medical office saying, "It's just extremely critical that you do honor all the rights that they have," stating breaks, job security and the right to bear children without having their career suffer as the most critical.