Water Assisted Liposuction

Three years ago, Dawn, now 38, underwent liposuction to help her achieve the body shape she desired. “It wasn’t for any weight loss,” she says. “It was wanting to have more of a feminine waistline, have a flatter stomach.”

While she was unsatisfied with the results, Dawn’s physician said there was nothing more that he could do to improve it. “I lived with the dissatisfaction every day, trying to hide it with slimming garments,” she says.

After hearing about new liposuction technology, Dawn sought out a new plastic surgeon, and visited Dr. Catherine Begovic. Dr. Begovic performs water-assisted liposuction, a new procedure that removes fat evenly and can help Dawn achieve the hourglass figure she seeks.

Dawn and Dr. Begovic join The Doctors to reveal Dawn’s results and explain how the procedure is performed. “I’m very pleased,” Dawn says.

“Do your homework before going into any elective plastic surgery,” plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon says. “Understand that revisions are sometimes necessary.”