Woman Losing Vision Desperately Seeks Help before It Disappears Forever

Playing I’m Losing My Vision!

Krystyn is only 28 years old and is slowing losing her vision and fears it will soon completely disappear. She has come to The Doctors in hopes of finding answers and a solution.

Her vision problems began when she was 15 and her sight began become foggy. She was diagnosed with keratoconus and early onset glaucoma. She was told that by the time she was 35, she would go fully blind. At 21, one of her corneas ruptured causing her extreme pain and light sensitivity. She is currently awaiting a cornea transplant.

“Since I’ve lost my vision, I’ve lost my independence,” she tells The Doctors, explaining that she cannot drive now, lost 2 jobs and is now unable to read. “It’s humbling, it’s humiliating… I don’t know what’s past 10 feet really.”

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Her mother Alex tearfully tells The Doctors, “If I could trade places with her I would. One of my biggest concerns is how much danger she is in.” Krystyn also fears that her vision issue would affect her being a parent, telling The Doctors that she feels would not be able to keep up with kids. “I do want a family… [but] you need your vision to raise a family.”

When she joins ER physician Dr. Travis Stork on stage, she explains that even just being a few feet away from him, she’s only able to see the shade of his skin and the blue color of his clothes. She is not able to make out the color of his eyes or discern any real facial features.

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The Doctors bring in eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler who assess Krystyn’s vision. He determines there is hope for her and her battle with her keratoconus and happily shares that she can be helped through surgery. Dr. Wachler has generously offered to donate the surgery to Krystyn.

“We’re going to be able to fix her life and give [Krystyn] her life back,” he shares with Krystyn and her mother.

“Thank you really doesn’t go far enough, but thank you so much,” she says. The Doctors wish Krystyn all the best and can’t wait to see all the progress she is bound to make following her surgery!