Son's Makeup Skills Transform Mom with Large Birthmark

Playing Mom’s Transformation Goes Viral!

Matthew has been able to help transform his mom Joanne, who has a large port-wine stain birthmark, through the power of makeup!

In addition to her large birthmark, Joanne also has Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome (KTWS), which has caused any part of her body covered with the birthmark to swell. Her arms, lips, face, chest and back are all affected.

In order to help his mom feel better and show off all of her inner beauty, he began doing makeup transformations on her on his YouTube page, racking up over 13 million views.

Joanne explains how it’s enhanced her relationship with her son, saying, “It’s given us a sense of who we are as people. My son came out when he was 14 and it was very difficult for him and I realized that if I try to hide myself from the world, what am I showing him? What am I telling him? He’s been a real inspiration to me.”

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The admiration goes both ways with this amazing mother and son duo.

“My mom inspires me all the time just being confident, being who she is. She’s so loving and I wouldn’t see her any other way,” he tells The Doctors.

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Joanne tells The Doctors that while she does have pain in her arm and leg, that she does not experience any pain in her face from her KTWS. The Doctors set up a consultation for Joanne with vascular surgeon Dr. Jon M. Wesley to find out if she is a good candidate for treatment for her KTWS.

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