Is There Hope for Woman's Slow and Mysterious Hair Loss?

Playing My Hidden Struggle with Hair Loss!

Glynis first noticed some hair loss 5 years ago, but her hair grew back and she did not think too much of it. Around 2 years later her hair began to fall out again and she’s come to The Doctors seeking answers.

Her first dermatologist diagnosed her with temporary hair loss, but the area with the hair loss continued to grow and her scalp became inflamed.

“When I look in the mirror, it’s devastating. I’m not [just] my hair and I want to believe that, but it’s also a large part of me being a female,” she shares.

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Her daughter, Midori, sympathizes with her mother’s anguish telling The Doctors, “I can’t even imagine how she feels… nobody deserves this.”

Glynis was diagnosed with two different conditions, alopecia areata, which can be treated and the hair will grow back and Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), which is a scarring condition where the hair does not grow back. We sent her to dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra to find out which condition she has.

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Dr. Batra reveals to Glynis and The Doctors that according to the biopsy she performed, her condition is the non-scarring, treatable issue of alopecia areata. Dr. Batra explains that often this type of alopecia is linked to thyroid disease, which Glynis was recently diagnosed with. She goes on to explain there are options for treatment including topical solutions, injections, and oral medications.

Find out the hair loss solution The Doctors have in store for Glynis courtesy of Dr. Peter Malouf of Dermatology Associates of DFW, in the video below!