I Was Brutally Assaulted on Snapchat!

Playing I was Brutally Attacked on Snapchat!

14-year old Jordan’s life was forever changed when he was intentionally attacked by a stranger so it could be posted on Snapchat.

The teen and his father Ed join The Doctors to share their horrifying story and how they are trying to turn Jordan’s horrible experience into something positive. After being sucker punched in the head by someone he had never met, Jordan had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with a brain bleed. He also suffered a fractured skull and punctured eardrum. Even more horrifying, was that the incident was set up and posted to Snapchat in the hopes of gaining internet glory.

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Due to his injuries, Jordan – a longtime skateboarder – has been told he can no longer skate due to the possibility of further damaging his head.

“I can’t do anything. My life has flipped entirely. It used to be one way and now it’s the exact opposite. I can’t do anything, I can’t skate anymore. I can’t try out for any sports,” he tells The Doctors. “I can’t fly anymore. I wanted to be a pilot… I just have to sit home and pretty much stay still.”

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His dad Ed pleads, “We have to draw awareness to this,” and tells The Doctors he has started a website to help combat cyberbullying and not glamorize violence. He hopes to establish some laws and rules when it comes to violence posted to social media.

In an effort to make life a little more enjoyable for Jordan, The Doctors arrange for a special message from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Jordan also loves theater and acting, and our friends at California State University Northridge have hooked Jordan up with classes at their Teenage Drama Workshop.

Help Jordan take on cyberbullying and visit JordanStrong.org!