3-Year-Old Girl's Aggressive Facial Tumor Removed!

Playing 3-Year-Old Gets 5 Pound Tumor Removed

3-year-old Melyssa was suffering from a rare facial tumor that had become extremely aggressive and was affecting her quality of life. Doctors in Louisiana were able to successfully remove the massive 5-pound tumor after 10 hours of surgery! 

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This was a benign tumor and will not spread to other parts of her body, but you can see how adversely it was affecting her overall quality of life. The oral maxillofacial surgeons at Louisiana State Health said the tumor "had displaced her tongue to the point where she was unable to eat, pretty much on her way to being malnourished...it was almost like another head that was attached to her jaw." 

Plus-size model and co-host Rosie Mercado wonders as a mother if the tumor could potentially come back. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says, "Once you remove a tumor like that chances are that won't come back." Phew! 

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The Doctors send kudos to all involved in the removal of the tumor.