"The Loose Skin Queen" Not Afraid to Flaunt Her Exposed Mid-Section!

Playing I’m Proud of My Excess Skin!

After losing 150 pounds following gastric bypass, Amanda was left with a major amount of loose skin on her mid-section – something she proudly shows off on social media and on The Doctors stage!

At first, Amanda felt alone when it came to her excess skin as no one seemed to be talking about it, but then decided to share her loose skin experience via social media to make others with similar bodies feel more connected.

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“Loose skin is a normal thing. It’s beautiful… it’s the only body you’re ever going to get. You should love yourself anyway. Show off your body, who cares!” the mom, who has been nicknamed “The Loose Skin Queen” on Instagram, says. Every week, she shares a photo of an inspirational message written on her exposed mid-section, proudly showing off her excess skin.

“I want people to know, whether they have loose skin now or they are plus-size and want to lose weight, that it is 100 percent worth it to lose the weight and have the loose skin. You can have loose skin and be beautiful and healthy and confident and have all that self-love. That is what I want to spread to everybody,” she tells The Doctors with fiancé Brice and her daughter Talia cheering her on from the audience.

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Due to her excess skin causing her pain, sores, and rashes, Amanda has started a GoFundMe page in order to get skin removal surgery. Luckily, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon offers Amanda an amazing gift that might have her canceling that GoFundMe page! Find out his generous offer in the video below!

The Doctors applaud Amanda’s bravery and courage for accepting her body and we can’t wait to see her after her surgery!