Dr. Exclusive: Boy Shot in the Chest with an Arrow Defies the Odds!

Playing Boy Survives Being Shot by Arrow

Mom Kirsten received a call no parent ever wants to hear – her son had been shot in the chest with an arrow.

Her son Curtis was accidentally shot in the chest with an arrow by his brother Tucker. The arrow went 4.6 inches into the 8-year-old chest. Luckily, the arrow had missed his pulmonary artery, his aorta and his heart, which would have caused him bleed out instantly and die. However, the arrow did hit Curtis’ spinal cord and he was unable to walk.

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“It was the worst evening ever,” his mother tells The Doctors exclusively about seeing her son unconscious in the hospital. She goes to explain that her family attempted to keep everything positive and limit the amount of crying, as they would have to tell Curtis about the injury to his spine and that he would be confined to a wheelchair.

Kirsten was amazed at her son’s resilience when she told him that his life had changed and that he would not be able to walk again. “He never broke down,” she shares. “I told him, ‘You will be able to do everything everybody else does. It’s just going to be done differently.’”

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But to everyone’s surprise and in what ER physician Dr. Travis Stork calls a “medical miracle,” Curtis did indeed walk again just weeks ago and joins The Doctors on stage – see Curtis walking in the video above, plus find out the surprise The Doctors have for Curtis and his family from the Legoland Florida Resort!