Drs. Update: Nearly 500 Pound Woman & Her Family Get the Help They Desperately Need

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Playing Drs. Update: Intervention with Jessica’s Dad

The Doctors are happy to share an update on Jessica, the nearly 500-pound woman trying to get her weight under control, and her family who is struggling with addiction and serious communication issues.

After helping Jessica get into treatment, The Doctors provided her dad Jesse – who has battled with alcohol, meth, marijuana and food – with the opportunity for inpatient treatment as well. Due to legal issues, Jesse left treatment and returned home. We sent psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow to the family’s home to further help Jesse, mom Tricia, and Nana Bea, who are not able to communicate effectively with each other and are still dealing with a great deal of resentment and pain.

Dr. Dow holds a family therapy session, where emotions run high and the family finally lets down some of their walls and gets to root of their issues. In one particularly raw moment, Tricia is able to tell her mother how much pain she has caused her over the years. “I am heartbroken and I am sad that I did this to my daughter because I love her with all my heart. I love her so much and I am sorry,” Nana Bea admits.

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Nana Bea then shares how she holds her daughter and Jesse responsible for Jessica’s health issues, saying she feels they did not make their daughter a priority in their lives which led to her extreme weight gain. Dr. Dow reveals even though they live down the street from each other Beatrice had never stepped foot in her daughter’s house until their family therapy session. He commends the family for taking the necessary first steps in mending their broken relationships and beginning the healing process. Dr. Dow believes that their actions will help to save Jessica’s life.

Plus-size model Rosie Mercado shares that she has been in touch with Jessica since she sought treatment and she’s thrilled with her family’s improved communication and is excited to rejoin them.

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“The best way to help your kids is to sometimes help yourself,” Dr. Dow says, explaining that her family’s healthy behavior will help in healing Jessica.

Find out how Jessica is doing in rehab and how much weight she’s already lost in the video below! The Doctors wish Jessica and her family continued health and happiness and encourage the family to keep up with healthy communication.