100 Dates with No Kissing or Sex in Order to Find Love?

Playing 100 Dates to Find Love?

Could you go on 100 dates without kissing the person or having sex? The Doctors welcome guest co-host plus-size model Rosie Mercado who is proof that sometimes it’s best to wait!

After Rosie transformed her life, losing 240 pounds and going through a divorce, her life coach encouraged her to get out and meet people (a lot!) after being single for 9 years, but with a few conditions. Her coach gave the homework of going on 100 dates with no kissing and no sex.

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She went on 100 of her dates, and ironically the person she fell in love with was on the sidelines of her epic dating project. After finishing her 100 dates, she began dating Kirby, who was the trainer who helped transform her body. The adorable couple got engaged and then married in December.

For Rosie, the search for love had to begin within herself before she was ready to open up to someone else.

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“I found myself and everything fell into place. I have a great relationship with myself and my kids and my family and then love fell into place,” she shares. “I needed to be in the right spot to attract the right person into my life. Everyone that comes into your life is a reflection of where you are in your life. He definitely reflects my values.”

Could you endure 100 sex-less and kiss-less dates if it meant finding your soulmate?