Younger, Wrinkle-Free Lips with THIS New Filler?

Playing Put It to the Test: New Lip Filler

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin joins The Doctors to test out Volbella, which aims to give patients more youthful looking lips that are smoother and wrinkle-free without dramatically increasing their size.

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Heather, who was a smoker for 23 years, recently noticed her lips have numerous vertical lines, which is common for smokers. Now 9 years smoke-free, she is determined to give her lips a reboot.

Dr. Rivkin explains that Volbella injections are quality over quantity and stresses that this injection is not for someone seeking an exaggerated pucker. He says the injection will last up to 12 months and each syringe will set you back around $500. In Heather’s case, 2 syringes were used.

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Check out the results of Heather’s injections that had her exclaiming, “Are you kidding me!?” in the video below!