Molly Sims' Fertility Journey

Playing Molly Sims Having Third Baby at 43!

Molly Sims welcomed her third child earlier this month and weeks before giving birth, the model and actress joined The Doctors to open up about her fertility journey and having a baby at 43.

She says that during her recent pregnancy she was plagued with morning sickness, along with feeling more hormonal and more fatigued. This time around, she also experienced some specific cravings including turkey, salty items, and hot chocolate.

Molly and her fertility specialist Dr. Shahin Ghadir, from the Southern California Reproductive Center, join the show to share how she planned out making sure she could eventually have children, something she embarked on at the age of 37 when she was single. She came to Dr. Ghadir to explore what options she had

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While she calls the process of freezing your eggs, “devastating,” she found comfort knowing that she had a possible insurance policy to get pregnant at her age. 

Dr. Ghadir says that women in their 30s who want a family, but are not married or have a partner, need to plan and be realistic about their odds. “You have to think ahead, you have to think ahead about freezing your eggs, about freezing embryos,” he explains.

Molly, who married film producer Scott Stuber in 2011 and ended up getting pregnant naturally, says, “I think I got pregnant on my honeymoon because I had the insurance policy.” She also credits the freezing of her eggs for taking the pressure off of finding someone to have children with.

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“It lets you go to bed at night knowing you’ve done everything you can do to protect your future… [Molly] did the best protection for her future,” Dr. Ghadir adds

If you are considering freezing your eggs or embryos, The Doctors recommend seeing a fertility specialist earlier rather than later to begin the conversation about your fertility journey.