Teen's Transformation from Size Double K Breasts to Size D

Playing From Double K Breasts to D!

Last year Deanna came to The Doctors seeking help with her Double K breasts, which were causing the teenager back and shoulder pain in additional to emotional pain. She returns following her breast reduction surgery, something she’s been waiting years to undergo.

Deanna joins the show looking stunning thanks in part to our glam squad of celebrity hair and makeup artist Valerie Harvey and style expert Marcy Prete.

“I feel amazing. I feel like the weight is literally lifted off my chest,” she says of the surgery, which removed 10 pounds from her chest.

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The surgery has allowed Deanna, who recently had a baby, to be more active with her child. She is now able to bend over more easily and run around with her son, something she’s overjoyed about. “I’m so grateful, and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you,” a beaming Deanna tells The Doctors.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Stewart Collins, who performed Deanna’s reduction, says her breasts were one of the biggest he’s ever seen. “You get so much more gratification when you change someone’s life,” he says of operating on her.

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Deanna shares a message to other women who might be struggling with the size of their breasts, saying, “You just have to be confident… everybody’s body is different and just be yourself and find ways to make yourself comfortable. You don’t have to change yourself for anybody.”

And in yet another amazing moment for Deanna, The Doctors surprise her with a gift from Paul Mitchell Schools that has her shedding tears of joy. Find out more about the possibly life-changing gift we have for Deanna in the video above!