Does Your Kid Need a Protein Supplement?

Playing Hollywood Hope or Hype: Protein Powder for Kids?!

Elle McPherson is helping to market a new protein powder to kids. The $30 protein powder says it contains everything a kid needs. It's also organic, whole food, vegan, and gluten-free. But do kids really need a protein supplement? The Doctors take a deeper dive. 

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Dermatologist and mother Dr. Sonia Batra worries about setting a precedent for children, who are often picky eaters, saying "Oh, it's okay not to eat normal whole healthy food and we're just going to make it up with some powder..." Often supplements, which are regulated very differently than medications, are filled with hidden sweeteners and other ingredients. 

Plastic surgeon and father Dr. Ordon agrees that teaching kids that they don't have to eat healthy balanced diets is not a great message.  ER Physician Dr. Travis stork examines the product label saying, "I'm not against this. I'm not saying this is an inherently bad product but the third ingredient [is] sweeteners."   

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Dr. Stork brings up another issue at play here, which is our obsession with protein supplements. When you add protein supplements you feel like you're being healthy when in reality the opposite could be happening. It's important to read the product labels to know what you're actually ingesting.