Nick-Tuck Facelift

At 51, Toni is newly divorced and jumping back into the dating pool. Wanting to put her best face forward, she turns to plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, who performs his signature “Nick-Tuck” facelift. The procedure only requires local anesthesia and allows Toni to remain awake throughout the surgery.

“This is a procedure that I’ve been doing for the last two years,” Dr. Nikolov says. “We all know there are lots of people who have that phobia of going under general anesthesia, or maybe they have medical problems that won’t allow them to.”

The Nick-Tuck facelift can be performed in two to four hours, and uses smaller incisions than a traditional facelift, thus reducing bruising, swelling and recovery time. The Nick-Tuck facelift is ideal for people 40 and older who need less dramatic facial reparation.

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