Pet Raccoon Pumpkin Becomes Internet Sensation!

Playing Pet Raccoon Becomes Internet Sensation

Pumpkin is far from your average raccoon, in fact, she’s an online star!

The raccoon was raised by Laura after the animal’s mother left her due to a broken leg. The animal was raised by Laura and her two dogs and has amassed over a million follows on Instagram and even has a calendar and a book.

“It’s like having a 2-year-old permanently living in your house… a raccoon is definitely not like a dog, I can’t tell her to sit and stay,” Laura says, explaining the only extra precautions she has had to take is baby-proofing their kitchen.

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While life with Pumpkin has been mostly fun, there was one major raccoon indecent when Pumpkin managed to turn on a faucet and flooded the entire house. If you’re wondering how a raccoon does their business in a house, Laura explains that when Pumpkin needs to go to the bathroom, she is able to use the toilet – and taught herself!?

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan warns against having a raccoon as a pet, as they are wild animals and notes that in many states they are banned or a permit is required. Laura agrees with Dr. Halligan that no one should have a raccoon as a pet. She only has Pumpkin because she lives in the Bahamas, which does not have wildlife sanctuaries or shelters. She explains that fostering Pumpkin and keeping her was their only choice to ensure that she survived.

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Living the lavish life has affected Pumpkin’s waistline and Laura says that Pumpkin has gained too much weight. Dr. Halligan explains this is due to the animal not living in the wild and not having to search for her food. She recommends that she cut down Pumpkin’s calories and increase her activity, even suggesting the possibility of a treadmill for the raccoon.

The Doctors wish Pumpkin success on her journey to a more slimmed down raccoon body! Enter to win a copy of Pumpkin’s new book, “The Raccoon who Thought She was a Dog,” here!