Are You Working in a Toxic Environment?

Playing Are You in a Toxic Workplace?

The Doctors are joined by psychologist Dr. Craig Dike from Doctor On Demand to discuss how to best beat work stress. On Skype, Paige shares that her work-related responsibilities are causing her a lot of problems including excessive stress , her hair to fall out , vomiting and depression.

So is Paige’s workplace toxic or just extremely stressful? Dr. Dike explains that her physical symptoms are all signs that her work environment is not great for her health and appears too stressful for her to handle without it affecting her health and her body.

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He notes that a toxic work environment differs from a stressful environment in that in a toxic workplace the employee might be being harassed, bullied or abused. Since Paige is not being harassed or bullied, he feels her work is stress-laden, but not toxic.

The Doctors urge that if you feel you are in a toxic workplace to contact your human resources department or a lawyer. Additionally, if your workload is causing you excess stress like Paige to speak with your manager about finding a solution.

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“Communication is key,” Dr. Dike continues, suggesting Paige speaks with her manager about her needs and wants going forward.

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