Knee Pain Relief without Surgery?

Playing Fix My Extreme Knee Pain

Could your knee pain be solved without going under the knife? The Doctors are helping one of their own solve a mystery knee pain.

Terry, the executive assistant to the show’s Executive Producer has been experiencing chronic and severe pain in her knee, which she describes as, “like Chihuahua biting the back of my leg” and sometimes like an electrical shock.

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The Doctors send her to see orthopedic pain specialist Dr. Tim Davis to assess her issues and hopefully find a solution to her pain. After an exam and discovering she also experiences back pain, Dr. Davis orders an MRI of Terry’s knee and lower back.

Dr. Davis joins Terry and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork on The Doctors to hopefully solve her pain problems live on-air. He reveals that Terry is suffering from a meniscus tear and a bulging disc. Luckily, Dr. Davis’ treatment plan only involves an injection of a steroid and local antiseptic.

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Bravely, Terry undergoes an injection with a little hand holding from ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to ease the pain. Dr. Davis explains that an injection might solve her pain in about an hour and if it is not successful, they could opt for an epidermal injection to cool that nerve off.