What Are the Best Fitness Apps?

Playing Fitness Trainer Lacey Stone’s Favorite Fitness Apps!

Workout and diet plans can be expensive. But luckily there's an app for that! What are the top fitness apps to build your perfect body? Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone joins The Doctors to reveal the best of the bunch to help you eat healthy and stay in shape. 

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"I think apps are great if you can't afford a trainer, or if you like working out at home, or if your traveling," shares Lacey. Here are her top three favorite apps to use for getting fit with just your phone! 

My Fitness Pal

  • This app allows you to put in your height and weight and it will give you the exact amount of calories you need to intake in order to reach your goal
  • It tells you how long it will take to reach your goal if you stay on track, which gives incentive. 
  • It has tons of recipes or you can scan the bar codes on your food or even input a recipe online using a URL to get an accurate read on the calories you are intaking. 

Fitstar Personal Trainer 

  • It has quick customized workouts divided into 4 different segments: Get Strong, Get Lean, Daily Dose & Freestyle 
  • Get Strong helps you build your muscles and Get Lean is cardio based workouts. 
  • Lacey recommends 3 Get Lean and 2 Get Strong workouts per week if you're just starting out. 
  • You can also put in your weight, height and gender and it will give you the number of reps you need to do. There are even video examples of the moves. 

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Sworkit Kids

  • This app is recommended for kids ages 5-14
  • It features 5-30 minute workouts and each has a mix of fun exercises like diagonal hopping, crab walking, and hopping on one foot. 
  • Teachers and physical education specialists are putting the app to use in the classroom. 
  • Great way to keep the whole family active!