Boy with Crushed Head Gets 3D Printed Skull & New Lease on Life!

Playing 3D Printer Restores Boy's Skull

Thanks to amazing 3D printing technology, little Teddy has a new lease on life after a tragic fall left him with nearly half of a skull.

Two years ago, the boy fell down a hill while climbing and took the full brunt of the impact to his head. The accident left his skull smashed in pieces. He was airlifted to a hospital where doctors immediately began surgery to save his life. Miraculously, Teddy survived, but 45 percent of his skill had to be removed, he suffered massive brain damage, was in a coma and was paralyzed. In yet another amazing feat, 2 days later he came out of the coma, began to move his body and was soon walking.

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A few months later, Teddy had another surgery to reconstruct his skull, and his parents thought he was in the clear. Unfortunately, new bone growth failed, the bone was dissolving and Teddy was forced to continuously wear a helmet. With the helmet not able to protect him sufficiently, he experienced seizures that landed him back in the hospital.

Teddy’s parents, Lisa and Dan, sought the help of Dr. Mark M. Urata, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Children's Hospital Los Angeles who changed Teddy’s life with 3D printing. They join The Doctors to share more about their son’s story. Lisa happily shares , “Teddy is doing amazing. He’s our hero. I admire him so much. He’s a warrior. He’s fought tooth and nail to defy every prediction from the get-go… he’s back at school… he’s living a healthy normal life.”

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Dr. Urata explains he recreated Teddy’s missing skull using a material similar to plastic and has many of the same properties as the bone of the skull, which allows the 7-year-old to lead the normal life of a child. “There comes a time when maybe we want to stick out, but for kids, they just want to fit in and they just want to play like all the other kids,” Dr. Urata says.

Watch the video below to meet Teddy and find out the surprise The Doctors have for this inspiring boy!