New Service Helps Destroy Your Partner's Affair

Playing New Service That Derails Affairs?

What would you do if  you caught your spouse cheating? Some people get mad. Others get even. But now, you can hire a service to help you get rid of the mistress by sabotaging your spouses's affair

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This service does not come cheap however: it costs anywhere from $15,000-150,000! 

Popular in China, this service called Mistress Hunter uses many different techniques to come in between someone's spouse and their lover; from finding a new suitor to attract the mistress away to sending loan sharks to the mistress' apartment to demand money. 

Men occasionally use the service but the majority of the clients are women who want their marriages rescued

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While one popular company reported a 73% success rate, The Doctors wonder if blaming the mistress will really solve the marital problems that cause the spouse to stray in the first place. 

Have you ever gotten revenge on a cheater?