Dating Website for the Well-Endowed?

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Playing Dating Site for the Well-Endowed?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Are you looking to date a man blessed down there? The Doctors just might have found the site for you – yes, a dating site for the well-endowed exists!

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Steve Pasternack, the creator of the website, joins the show to explain why he created this size-specific site. He shares that members of the site are not screened to make sure they measure up and it operates on the honor system. He says the inspiration for the site was a female friend who encountered a little disappointment when the man she was dating finally revealed his little friend.

“Why shouldn’t women know up front what a man has because basically, men can see what women have. So, it’s a bit unfair, so let’s turn the tables,” he explains.

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Steve goes on to contend that men of a larger size, who might have trouble finding a sexually compatible partner, are able to find a woman who can accommodate their size on his website. He tells The Doctors that the focus of the site is not sex, but for people who are looking for a relationship. currently boasts over 60,000 members and has led to many marriages and long-term relationships.

Is a size-specific dating website something you would ever try out?