Jealously Is Ruining My Marriage

Playing My Jealousy Is Ruining My Marriage!

Can jealousy and unchecked emotional issues from a past relationship be fixed in a marriage that is falling apart? Natasha and Leebert have come to The Doctors to find out.

The couple, who have 9 children together in their blended family, are facing a crisis in their marriage due to uncontrollable jealousy, communication problems, self-image issues and a lack of spark in the bedroom.

“I told you from day one, I’m jealous, I’m psychotic and I’m crazy. Are you sure you want to be with me? If you were smart, you would get up and run completely the opposite way” Natasha says to her husband, in what is just a sampling of the issues the couple is facing.

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The Doctors enlist the help of Rosie Mercado and psychologist & sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue to hopefully help the couple find a way to solve their problems. Rosie dishes out some tough love for the couple, saying, “If [Natasha] wants change, she needs to change her story and to own up to who she is. You cannot be a victim of your circumstances.” As for Leebert, Rosie says, “Natasha may have emasculated Leebert over the years, but he’s allowed it… it’s poisonous.”

In an effort to go even deeper, the couple meets with Dr. Donaghue to find out if there is still hope for their marriage. In addition to their arguments and fights, they are also dealing with a lack of intimacy. Dr. Donaghue warns Natasha and Leebert, “You have to still court each other. You have to still flirt with each other. You still have to romance each other… every single day you have to do something affectionate or romantic. It gives you that connected, loving, caring base. It eases how we feel about each other when we are upset.”

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“If we can’t fix our problems, I’m afraid that our relationship will end,” a worried Leebert says.

Can Natasha and Leebert use the tools that Rosie and Dr. Donaghue taught them to help save their marriage and keep their family intact? Find out if they have succeeded in the video below. Plus, The Doctors surprise the couple in crisis with something that is sure to help ease their relationship woes.