Cesar Millan & Son Andre Millan Answer Your Dog Questions

Playing Cesar Millan’s New Dog Training Adventure

Cesar Millan and his son Andre are starring in a new show together!

The father and son duo join The Doctors just ahead of the premiere of their new Nat Geo WILD series, “Dog Nation,” where they take on your pressing questions about your favorite furry little friends.

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Viewer Karyn asks about the problem of dogs eating their poop.

Cesar explains that dogs eating their own feces is “not natural” and could be due to the food being “too rich or too poor,” meaning if the dog food is too high in protein it can be excreted in their stool and they are tempted to eat it. Another possible reason is that some dogs get bored when they don’t have a job or a task, and this can lead to trouble. “It’s very important to challenge the mind [of your dog],” he says. “They need exercise, mental stimulation, and then affection.” He suggests using a toy that is engaging and not one that is simply cute.

Viewer Kevin asks why his dog always destroys the door he leaves the house through.

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The animal expert tells The Doctors that dogs often are confused when you say goodbye to them and close the door and walk out. The dog can think it is supposed to follow the owner when actually the owner needs to communicate that you need distance from them. He recommends telling the dog to stay in a room, not near the door and then leaving, in order for the dog to learn how to detach from the owner.

Cesar Millan’s “Dog Nation” with son Andre premieres March 3 at 9/8 central on Net Geo WILD and his new book, “Lessons From the Pack,” will be available wherever books are sold beginning February 7.