Drs. Exclusive: Lamar Odom's First Post-Rehab Interview – Inside the Treatment Center

Playing Lamar Odom’s Last Day of Rehab

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lamar Odom sits down with The Doctors in an exclusive interview, his first since leaving a 30-day in-patient program at Casa Palmera in Del Mar, CA. After arranging for the athlete to receive treatment, and Lamar successfully completing his rehab stintThe Doctors were with him on his last day in rehab.

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On what he learned in rehab: “I feel amazing. I tackled it. I feel like I won. These 30 days that I did in here, I learned a lot. First off, I learned how to be good selfish, how to take care of myself and put myself first. I did this for me, really no one else. You can’t do it for no one else. If you really want to live a sober life, you have got to do it for yourself.”

On the choices he made prior to getting help: “They were despicable. I was basically just committing suicide and being that I know it’s a disease, it allows me to forgive myself a little bit more. I’ve learned coping mechanisms… I surprised myself with my strength that I had the strength to be in groups. I was able to talk about the losses in my life, my son, my mother and my grandmother. It was important for me to do that. I felt like a weight was off my back.”

On his post-treatment hopes: “I’m really looking forward to being sober around the people I love because when I was caught up in my addiction, I lost so much time with them. I have the opportunity of a lifetime to recapture my life… If I can just continue to get get better, which I will, then it will be a life worth living for.”

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Lamar’s primary therapist psychologist Dr. Kellie Delli Colli shares her parting words of encouragement for him, saying, “Over the past 30 days, you have worked really hard. You have really dug down deep. You showed courage. You showed that you are a good man and you’re just going to continue that when you leave.”

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If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction call the confidential and free National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP or visit their website.