The Fitness Model with No Pulse Gets a New Heart!

Playing “Heart in Backpack” Fitness Star Gets a Transplant!

The Doctors met Andrew “AJ” Jones, the inspiring fitness model with an artificial heart in September 2016 and he returns with an amazing update!

Just two months after appearing on the show, he received the call for the heart transplant he’s been waiting for. “I have a new heart now, no more backpack!” he reveals.

Watch: Living with an Artificial Heart

Andrew received a call from the hospital that a heart was available and he was in surgery just a few hours later. His surgery lasted 8 hours and he was hospitalized for just over 2 weeks as he recovered. He is now required to take medications for the rest of his life to ensure his body does not reject his new organ.

“It’s been over a month since my transplant and I’m feeling fantastic. I don’t have to worry that my batteries are charged,” he says. “I can take a normal shower. I can go swimming again… I’m here to tell you that you can push through anything to achieve the things that you want to achieve.”

Joining The Doctors via Skype, as it is too soon for him to fly, he shares that he feels, “amazingly normal.”

Watch: Go Inside a Heart Transplant

Andrew tells The Doctors that his goal is to train for The Transplant Games of America and The World Transplant Games, which is a competition similar to The Olympics for people who have a had transplants or have been a donor.

With around 22 people dying each day who are waiting for a transplant, The Doctors and Andrew encourage everyone to become an organ donor.

Find out more about Andrew’s non-profit, Hearts at Large, here!