David Cassidy Opens up about His Struggle with Alcohol Addiction

Playing David Cassidy’s Struggle with Addiction

Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy joins The Doctors and gets candid regarding his battle with addiction, staying sober. Plus, he talks about his new album!

David is sober now, but in the past struggled with alcohol. The singer shares that his family was the driving force behind him finally turning the corner on his battle with alcohol.

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“The person I love the most on the earth is my son Beau… and when he said to me, ‘I can’t have a relationship with you anymore Dad. I don’t know who you are now.’ That broke my heart and I can’t even tell you the effect it had on me. I realized there was only one way for me to go in the rest of my life, otherwise, I would lose the person that was closest [to me] and that I love the most and care the most about,” David tells The Doctors.

In addition to his alcohol struggles, David also opens up about a lifelong medical issue he has faced, sharing that he suffered from a wandering eye for his whole life and has undergone five eye surgeries dating back to 1962. He explains that he is now left eye dominant after years of compensating for the issues in his right eye.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says the medical term for a wandering eye is strabismus and encourages parents who notice this in their kids to have it addressed sooner rather than later. Thankfully, the singer has benefited from advances in medicine and is able to manage his strabismus very well.

For more on David and his new holiday album, “David Cassidy Christmas,” visit his website.