Wheelchair-Bound Man Tours Europe in Backpack Carried by 7 Friends

Playing Wheelchair Bound Man Tours Europe by Backpack

Kevan’s dream to see Europe came true despite the fact that he is wheelchair-bound. With the help of 7 of his friends, he was able to travel to places that would have been impossible due to his spinal muscular atrophy.

Kevan and his friends got creative and designed a backpack that allowed them to carry him and they went abroad to France, Ireland, and England. He was able to visit locations that were not wheelchair accessible. They traded off shouldering Kevan’s 70 pounds every 45 minutes for 3 weeks.

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Kevan and his friend Tom join The Doctors to share more about their amazing adventure.

“My favorite part was the guys that I got to go with. If you think about the hearts they have to give up their summer to carry a guy on their back, that really says a lot about their character,” he says.

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And the globetrotting appears to have just begun for Kevan and his friends. They are discussing a future trip to China and also embarking on a speaking tour, a book and a documentary – along with starting a nonprofit that would allow other wheelchair-bound individuals to travel more.

Find out more about Kevan, his friends and their amazing trip on his website!