Life-Changing Surprises for Homeless Single Mom Veteran

Playing Homeless Veteran Mom Facing PTSD

Female veterans face many unsettling statistics regarding homelessness and sexual assault. The Doctors are honored to meet Debra, a veteran and true survivor, who is fighting to get her life back on track. We treat her to a slew of life-changing surprises and some much-needed pampering.

The single mother of 2 joined the Army when she was 19. While serving, she says she was the victim of a sexual assault and now suffers from PSTD as a result. She was deployed after 9/11 and then was medically discharged due to respiratory issues she suffered while serving. She also suffers from chronic pain in her lower back and hips. The statistics surrounding female veterans are alarming. In addition to homelessness, sexual assault reportedly occurs in 1 in 5 female soldiers and a report from the Pentagon states that sexual assault has increased by 60 percent in the last 10 years. These women are reportedly 9 times more likely to experience PSTD.

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Luckily, Debra and her children escaped being on the streets at a transitional home for veterans while she gets her life in order, but an upcoming change in her job has her concerned about her career future. She joins The Doctors to share her story.

“I’ve survived so much already, the worst is already behind me and I know the best is in front of me. I look at [my] two kids, that I know that I have to keep fighting for. If you stay in the storm, you’re always going to be rained on, but if you keep pushing and moving forward, you’re going to win and I know if I’m going to win, my kids are going to win,” Debra, who is currently in the first year of getting her Ph.D., says.

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In an effort to help Debra start winning again, The Doctors enlist the help of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Thomas to help with her pain and anesthesiologist Dr. Eugene Lipov, who has a possible solution for her PSTD.

We also surprise Debra with a generous gift from the sock company Lift 23 and also secured her a job interview. When Debra told The Doctors it’s been years since she has had some pampering, we brought in the amazing glam squad of MJ and Natasha from Makeovers That Matter , which honors female veterans, to help give the well-deserving mom a fabulous makeover.

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“It’s nice to have people say I care about you too because I’ve cared about other people and done so much, but it’s really nice to have someone say I care about you too,” Debra says, holding back tears.

See Debra’s amazing glamorous makeover in the video below! We can’t wait to see all the progress she is bound to make.