How Pet Health Costs Are Higher Than Their Owners!?

Playing Pet Healthcare Costs More Than Humans?!

A new study found that many pet owners are spending more on keeping their pets healthy than they spend on themselves.

The Doctors are joined by veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan who helps explain why pet health costs are so pricey. She says that over the last few decades the medical procedure options available to pets (chemotherapy, MRIs, heart and brain surgery to name a few) have dramatically increased and that things one considered fatal can now be solved for the right price. She calls this the “financial euthanasia” dilemma, where owners must choose between their pet and their pocket book.

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So how can pet owners avoid this troubling and sad situation?

Dr. Halligan recommends that what your pet eats is a great way to avoid possible digestive issues, which is a common and costly issue. She says to not give your little friends human food and keep them from drinking from the toilet. She also explains that knowing which foods and plants are harmful to pets will help avoid possible problems.

When it comes to injuries from getting hit by cars, Dr. Halligan explains that the type of dog most involved in traffic accidents are male dogs that have not been neutered because they still have the urge to procreate and often are found roaming. She stresses that getting your pet spayed or neutered is vital to their health.

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Dr. Halligan encourages all pet owners to have at least accidental insurance in case of emergencies and notes there are more comprehensive packages available as well.

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