Chin Augmentation

Tricia, 30, hates her double chin. "Most often, a double chin is associated with somebody who's overweight," she says. "I'm not. I workout three to four days a week, and it just won't go away. Even when I was younger and thinner, I always had this problem."

With her wedding around the corner, Tricia wants to get rid of her double chin for good.

"Tricia has microgenia, which is a small chin," plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti says. "It's an anatomical deficiency in the bone of the jaw. This is a chronic problem. This is not something that just occurred with a weight change. This is genetic."

See the amazing results and learn how the procedure is performed.

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Chin Lipsuction
Women say that next to cellulite, the body part they hate most is their double chin. Caroline, 44, can relate. She recently lost 25 pounds, but still finds herself stuck with a “turkey gobble.” She paid a visit to plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon’s office to get rid of her sagging skin once and for all. He performs a scarless neck lift on Caroline, using liposuction.

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Double Chin Disappear
Plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese performs the Double Chin Disappear procedure to restore one woman’s jaw line. First, Dr. Giese applies numbing creme to the skin, then injects Radiesse, a form of calcium hydroxyapatite, into either side of the chin to fill the jowls and camouflage the extra tissue beneath the chin. The effects are immediate and results can last up to two years.

See the results of the procedure.

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