Fix Your Thinning Hair Quickly

Playing Quick Fixes for Thinning Hair

Bald might be beautiful for some, but thinning hair for women can be a nightmare. The Doctors examine some quick fixes for thinning hair. We are joined by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton who helped 3 of our guests who were looking for a quick fix to their thin hair.

Technique #1: A New Cut

Chris explains that a style like the LOB (a long bob) can give you a completely new look and dramatically add the appearance of thicker and fuller hair. He explains that when someone had thin hair they often think longer is better, but long thin hair can actually make the hair look worse.

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Technique #2: Use Root Touchup

Ponytails are popular, but if your hairline is thinning it can make the hairstyle look less than fabulous. Chris says he uses a root touch up on 90 percent of his clients to fill in the less-dense areas near the forehead. He says the hairline is extremely important and filling in any gaps will dramatically change your look.

Technique #3: Crimp The Roots

If you’re looking to add volume to hair, Chris explains that an easy way to achieve this is through crimping the roots and leaving the top layer of the hair smooth. This will add width and drama to otherwise lifeless hair. He recommends only crimping the first few inches of your roots.

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The Doctors are also joined by hair care innovator Gail Federici, who shares tips on how you can regain your hair’s thickness.

She stresses that the products we use are a good place to start. She says if you have thinning hair to avoid shampoos loaded with extra ingredients, which can stay behind in your hair and 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner combinations. She also explains that thickening shampoos are ironically not good for thin hair because they leave behind elements in the hair. She recommends instead using a thickening styling product after your shampoo. “You only want your shampoo to cleanse, that’s it,” she tells The Doctors. She also urges people to only use conditioner half down the hair and to not apply it to your scalp, as it can stay behind on the scalp and further affect hair growth.