The Doctors Investigate Juice Cleanses

Playing The Drs. Investigate Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses claim to detox your body, boost energy, and help with weight loss but is there any truth to these claims? The Doctors decided to investigate.

Juicing is now a 23-billion dollar industry. The question is...should you spend your money on these expensive detox cleanses or just pick up some regular juice at the grocery store? The Doctors producer Leslie enlisted the help of twins Megan and Jessica to take part in our juice cleanse experiment. One twin was given a detox juice cleanse to follow purchased from a local juicery. The other twin was given a juice cleanse made up of juices purchased from a local grocery store to see if there was any difference. The twins didn't know which cleanse they were given. 

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"I felt hungry the whole time," says Jessica who participated in the 2-day experiment. "I was at work and pretty irritable. I think I snapped at a couple coworkers on accident," says Megan. "It was difficult," she adds.  

Leslie shares that the twins were given the same exact scale. Both had to report their weight before the cleanse and again after. The also had to eat regular food and then report their weight for a third time to gauge if detoxes really help you lose weight quickly. Jessica shares, "After the cleanse I lost half a pound and then once I was able to eat solid foods again I went back to my normal weight." Megan also went back to her original weight after solid food was consumed. 

Leslie reveals to Jessica that she was not on an expensive juice cleanse, but rather just consuming grocery store bought juices, and that Megan was on a regular cleanse purchased from a juicery.   Megan shares, "Now knowing that I would say that yeah I felt like I was really detoxing my body, which was really nice." 

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"We're getting an amazing expose on the power of suggestion," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork excitedly shares. "You spend $150 on a 2-day juice cleanse, you better feel great cause it's a lot of money!" 

Dr. Travis wonders when you pay for a juice cleanse, what are you getting for your money? Is there any difference between store bought juice and juice that you get in a juicery ? Watch the video below to find out the results of our experiment.